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    Dear Business Organization:

    As we approach the end of the tax filing season, we continue to encounter scams we want businesses and payroll service providers to be aware of.  This isn’t the regular monthly email I send, but rather a sort of “special edition” to make you and your members aware of some important information regarding the Form W-2 scams.  We want to be sure that all employers; whether they are private businesses, nonprofits or government agencies are aware of this scam and know how to report it to the IRS, as well as provide information to their employees.

    The first article shown below tells businesses and payroll providers how they can report W-2 scam data losses to the IRS if they have experienced this.  The other two articles are reminders about email and phone scams making the rounds.

    I encourage you to use any or all of these in newsletters or emails to your members, or on your web site and social media outlets.

    Thank you,


    Jody Stamback

    Sr. Stakeholder Liaison

    IRS Communications & Stakeholder Outreach

    Phone: 801-799-6852


    Form W-2/SSN Data Theft: Information for Businesses and Payroll Service Providers


    Currently, a particularly dangerous email scam is circulating. Cybercriminals use various spoofing techniques to disguise an email, making it appear as if it is from an organization executive. The email is sent to an employee in the payroll or human resources department, requesting a list of all employees and their Forms W-2.  This scam is sometimes referred to as business email compromise (BEC) or business email spoofing (BES).

    The IRS has established a process that will allow businesses and payroll service providers to quickly report any data losses related to this W-2 scam. See details in the article, Form W2/SSN Data Theft: Information for Businesses and Payroll Service Providers. If notified in time, the IRS can take steps to prevent employees from being victimized by identity thieves filing fraudulent returns in their names. The article also has information about how to report receiving the scam email.

    Tax professionals who experience a data breach also should quickly report the incident to the IRS. Tax professionals may contact their local stakeholder liaison. See details at Data Theft Information for Tax Professionals.

    IRS, States and Tax Industry Warn of Last-Minute Email Scams


    The IRS, state tax agencies and the tax industry today warned both tax professionals and taxpayers of last-minute phishing email scams, especially those requesting last-minute deposit changes for refunds or account updates.

    IRS Reminds Seniors to Remain on Alert to Phone Scams during Tax Season


    With the 2017 tax season underway, the IRS reminds seniors to remain alert to aggressive and threatening phone calls by criminals impersonating IRS agents.

  • 17 Mar 2017 3:11 PM | Shelley Potts (Administrator)

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